Vanishing Glaciers of Everest at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

ICERS are exhibiting at the Royal Society’s prestigious 2015 Summer Science Exhibition in London will be discussing how glaciers around the world’s highest mountain (Mt. Everest, 8848m) are rapidly shrinking. The Vanishing Glaciers exhibit will be using striking photographs and data collected from expeditions to the Khumbu, Imja, Lhotse and Ngozumpa Glaciers in Nepal combined with hands-on experiments and 3-D models, to explain how glaciers in the Himalaya are responding to climate change and why this is important for humanity. Presenting our research at the Royal Society in London are Ann Rowan, James Douglas, Vaibhav Kaul and Camilla Rootes from ICERS, and glaciologists from the University of Leeds, Aberystwyth, Northumbria and Hertfordshire. Also joining the team at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition is Mollie Hughes, one of the youngest British climbers to summit Everest.


The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is a week-long science festival which features 22 exhibits from the forefront of British innovation. You can meet the scientists behind cutting edge science and technology exploring everything from cancer cells to plasma rockets. It’s free entry for all ages and runs from Tuesday 30th June to Sunday 5th July 2015. For more information visit: